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Rabu, 23 Mei 2012

Alexa Ranking – Improve Alexa Traffic Rank

Alexa Ranking – Improve Alexa Traffic Rank

Alexa Ranking – Improve Alexa Traffic RankWithout a Decent Alexa Ranking your site is going to struggle for traffic & recognition.

Alexa Ranking is very similar to Googles Page Rank & is used as a measure of the quality & effectiveness of a website or blog. Therefore here at “My Blog Review”, we are going to do several articles all of which will have the ultimate goal of improving your site’s ranking.

Best SEO Tools To Use..?

We are going to look at the benefits of such tools as the Alexa Toolbar & the SEO Toolbar, both free to download. We will also take a look at a couple of websites that I find very helpful in highlighting any SEO errors, that may also affect your website ranking.

What Is This Ranking Based On..?

Whilst it is true that the Alexa’s Site Ranking & the Google Page Ranking are very similar and of course are equally important, Alexa’s Ranking is based more on site usage & traffic, where as Googles Ranking appears to be based more on backlinks than anything else. We should also bear in mind that should you wish to monetize your site, then be aware that many advertisers will use your Alexa Ranking as a measure of your sites effectiveness.

Following articles will cover such topics as;

1. Basic Page Layout

2. Title, Description & Keyword Relevancy

3. RSS Feeds & Directories

4. Social Media Prominence

5. Important SEO Factors

6. Acceptable Traffic Generation

7. Alex Ranking – Final Results

I will more than likely do one of these articles every other day, so it is spread over a 2 week period & this way we are more likely to get some visible results showing through in our sites ranking.

Alexa Ranking – Improve Alexa Traffic Rank

This is obviously my own sites ranking taken a few moments ago, if you would like to do the same as you follow this short course, then simply go to Alexa.com & type in your site’s URL into the Traffic Rank Widget. Then click get widget and you will be given the code.

You can either paste this code into the sidebar of you blog, or do as I have done & save it as an image to prevent the figures changing, this will allow me to do a comparison between the start figures & the end results.

In order for us to know the outcome of the recommendations that we will implement, it would be a great idea if you take note of your website or blog’s current ranking & then we can check again after a week or two & be able to do a good comparison as to whether or not our tactics are working..?

Having said that, the 7 tips I am going to give you, have helped take “My Blog Review” from a ranking of over 9,000,000 to 639,013 in just over 4 months & there should be no valid reason why you cannot achieve the same.

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