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Rabu, 23 Mei 2012

Steps to a Better Alexa Ranking

7 Steps to a Better Alexa Ranking

No matter what you are selling on the internet, your Alexa ranking is a measure of your trustworthiness and saleability! Higher ranks on Alexa indicate that you have high levels of traffic to your site compared to your competitors. It translates into higher reputation and earnings, because that is what ad networks look for these days. Of course, Alexa only gauges traffic amongst people who have the Alexa toolbar installed and also the backlinks. However, since it is an indicator of your site’s reputation and popularity – you might very well need to look into how you can improve your rank!

1. Alexa Toolbar – An Absolute Must

Since your rankings are directly affected by what the toolbar makes of it, this is a foregone conclusion. Download both the Firefox and the Internet Explorer versions. Remember to set your website as the homepage in the browsers. Also make sure that you use BOTH the browsers whenever you are online. This way, you can end up appearing as 2 different users, simply because you have 2 different toolbar ids.

You can even ask your friends to install the toolbar. You can download alexa toolbar at: http://www.alexa.com/toolbar

2. Get the Widget Too

While you are at it, it might be a good idea to install the Alexa rank widget too. Once you install it on your blog and traffic starts flowing you will see an increase in alexa rankings even if the visitors do not have the Alexa toolbar installed. This definitely helps you get better ranking on Alexa. Different types of alexa widgets are available at: http://www.alexa.com/siteowners/widgets

3. Exchange Links

Another simple way of increasing your rankings on Alexa is to exchange your links with other sites that are relevant to yours. Even if they are some other niche it is okay. Just make sure they have a good ranking on Alexa themselves. This is a simple way of ensuring that you are in good company and raising your rank.

4. Post Frequently and Interlink Posts

Regular frequent posting has positive effect on alexa ranking though the reason is not clear. Some bloggers say alexa checks post frequency but at the same time updating your blog several times a day is not good. Interlinking posts is another good idea for boosting your rankings. Interlinking posts increases traffic, lowers bounce rate and thereby boosts alexa.

5. Write about Alexa

One easy and surefire way of increasing your rankings is to write about Alexa itself! People LOVE to know more about how to improve their rankings – so you always get relevant traffic to your site that way!

6. Attract Webmasters

You could also write content that is relevant to other webmasters. Think SEO, tools for webmasters and other topics that generally interest webmasters. Most webmasters and tech bloggers have an Alexa toolbar installed so your rankings go up automatically!

There’s no doubt about the fact that a good ranking increases your popularity (which itself has a viral effect) – not to mention the feel good factor and more advertisement! Go for it today – your site deserves it!

7. Backlink Building

This is essential if you want to build your Alexa rank. You can build back links through article marketing, forum signatures, guest posting and social bookmarking. Dofollow blog comments is of great help in boosting your alexa rankings. ProBlogDesign is my favorite dofollow blog.

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